Our ability to resist forces that undermine national security depends to a large extent on European unity. That is why we are making increased efforts to advocate with the institutions of the European Union and its Member States for recommendations to strengthen pan-European resilience.

List of recommendations


Easier tracking of oligarchs’ assets

Practice shows that more effective European legislation needs to be adopted. The Sixth Anti-Money Laundering Directive of EU will allow better monitoring of the ownership structures of companies linked to sanctioned or criminal groups. 


More effective implementation of sanctions

The Czech Republic can boast quality analytical tools for searching data on ownership structures from various registers (sanctions.datlab.eu). This experience is crucial for the effective application of sanctions. That is why we want to share them with other countries in order to be able to search for links to non-democratic countries more effectively.


No subsidies to sanctioned entities

Sanctioned companies cannot bid for contracts in the EU, but paradoxically they can still benefit from EU subsidies. This hole in sanctions packages needs to be plugged. Tightening up is thus needed in relation to the distribution of public money.


Reconstruction of Ukraine

Integration of control mechanisms (scoring of suppliers according to links to sanctioned entities and other risks) into the use of funds provided for the support and reconstruction of Ukraine.

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